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Footy specialist coaching was established in 2009 by former Hawk Ange Lekkas who saw a need for a specific level of coaching crucial in developing the right foundation for young players.
Suitable for all level footballers aged up to 17 years who are looking to further develop their overall footy ability with a specialist coach.
Sessions are one-on-one which can fast track development and ensures player receives appropriate attention required throughout the program.

*seating for parents available at location to watch and communicate with coach.


Decide.  Commit.  Succeed
Angelo Lekkas










Professional AFL PLayer











One on one training coach

Ange Lekkas, commitment to coaching students in FootySCA comes from his own career education in the type of one on one coaching missing for the young aspiring footballer today.

“I believe with the right specific coaching, hard work and commitment… anything is possible for any young footballer wanting to achieve their own personal best performances”- Angelo Lekkas.

Going through the process of the TAC competition to a decade long career in the AFL has provided invaluable experience for Ange to pass on to the FootySCA students.

Angelo Lekkas achievements:
Northern Knights U/18’s best and fairest winner
TAC cup competition best player 1993 (coaches vote)
AFL rising star nominee 1996
Hawthorn FC most serviceable player 1997
Hawthorn FC most improved player 1998
Victoria state representative 1999
Hawthorn FC runner up best and fairest 2002
Australian representative 2002
Hawthorn FC best and fairest winner 2003 (* as voted by the conferres coterie group)
Hawthorn FC runner up best and fairest 2003
Hawthorn Football club life member induction 2005
AFL 200 Club induction 2005
Hawthorn FC AFL games: 180
Hawthorn FC AFL goals: 120
Playing Position: midfield
Awarded 2005 AFL Multicultural Ambassador + Coached under at Hawthorn: Ken Judge, Peter Schwab, Alastair Clarkson.


Running and speed development coach

Bohdan Babijczuk , has a lifetime of involvement in Sport and known as one of the great conditioning and running coaches.

His work as a Professional Coach included High Performance at the Hawthorn Football Club, Melbourne Football Club, Basketball Australia with both men’s and women’s Olympic and World Championship teams, Bobsleigh Australia, and National coach with Athletics Australia.

Bohdan has also worked at some of the giant clubs of the sporting world, these include NBA Clubs: Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks and New Orleans Hornets of which he consulted with individual athletes.

Bohdan was a significant influence in the career of some AFL great players and continues to consult and work with AFL players today.

Bohdan is a highly credentialed, experienced and a sought after coach in the world of sport and is a consultant to FootySca students by reviewing running technique and co-ordination through audio and video which is sent to the parents.

This is an opportunity for young athletes to have access and be critiqued by one of Australia’s great running high performance coaches.

Some of Bohdan’s high-performance working background clubs:
Hawthorn football club
Melbourne Football Club
Basketball Australia
Australia Athletics
NBA Houston rockets – individual player consultant
Milwaukee Bucks – individual player consultant



Our journey began last year around late August when Christian decided that he wanted to pursue and develop his skills in football.

Right away from the first session, Christian felt comfortable and in great hands. We trained almost every week and the development that Christian noticed was amazing. Right away his confidence grew and skills have grown immensely.

Christian looks forward and enjoys training with Ange every week cause Ange is an amazing coach, mentor and friend. He teaches proper skill development, has patience and caters for every skill level. Christian can’t wait and for his next personal individual training session with Ange.

We can’t thank him enough as Christian believes he has gained and great mentor as a coach and a friend for life. Who knows maybe one day he might fulfil his goal and make it on the big stage following Ange’s footsteps.

Christain and family


My boys were coached by Ange over a couple of years and I was impressed with his natural way of relating to the boys and making them feel comfortable.

I felt that his coaching had the right balance of encouragement and constructive direction. I was impressed with the information he provided post sessions with his coaching critiques using innovative visual and audio feedback directly to my mobile. There were also monthly analytics data provided on my son’s training which gave me the information to see if there were improvement and areas they had to work harder in.

This impressed me immensely as I had the information which keeps the coach accountable and why this was such great value. I found Ange to be a very good role model for my boys and highly value his coaching.

Mike Ellings

It would be an honour…here we go:-

My two boys started with Ange seven months ago and not only has Ange taught them unbelievable football skills but he has also given them so much confidence.

My youngest whom always doubted himself and had no confidence due to bullying issues and my eldest son who suffers from Anxiety has done an entire 360 degree turn.

Ange is a great mentor and my boys look up to him…he has changed my boys lives. They wish their week would hurry up so they can train with Ange on a Saturday.

I can’t thank Ange enough for what he has done for my boys and my family.

Emma White

What we like about Ange

“What we like about Ange is that he knows how to motivate Jack, he makes every session challenging and rewarding. Ange imparts his knowledge and skill to ensure technique is correct, which Jack loves. Ange has a genuine interest in Jack achieving his goals. Jack leaves each session feeling more confident in his abilities”.

~ Eve

The Details

About our sessions MINDFULNESS   Mindfulness training is crucial in an age of so much stimulation.In sport it is a necessity to incorporate mindfulness training such a meditation in your daily program as its unlikely that you can perform anywhere near your best if your mind is distracted and clouded with thoughts and worries about […]

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What you need to know

Costs & Location: Location: Carlton Duration: – 50 mins over 13 yrs Wear: runners not boots Bring: water bottle Cost: 1 on 1 = $110 per session 4 session upfront special = $80 per session ($320 total) Invoice provided on request FootySCA at your club! This is an opportunity for your local football club to […]

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Book your 1-on-1 or Group Coaching Session with Ange here

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Mindfulness training is crucial in an age of so much stimulation.
In sport it is a necessity to incorporate mindfulness training such a meditation in your daily program as its unlikely that you can perform anywhere near your best if your mind is distracted and clouded with thoughts and worries about your performance.
Our sessions finish with a short warm down involving a 3 minute meditation.

Running efficiency

Aussie rules football is a game of repeated speed so naturally players experience different levels of fatigue throughout the game. Efficiency in running plays a critical role as allows you to maintain your running form and posture despite medium to high levels of fatigue.
Running efficiency ensures that you will maintain a level of quality around the ground in your movement irrespective of fatigue levels.


Coordination is the ability to repeatedly execute a sequence of movements smoothly and accurately. Running with a football and executing requires the ability to coordinate our limbs to achieve a successful outcome. This is an important area to develop from as young as possible to ensure an efficient foundation in movement has been developed.

Game knowledge

Providing young players with game knowledge ensures a greater level of confidence.
I utilise a part of our sessions to talk through realistic game scenario’s and provide an understanding on the basics of positioning around the ground, reading the play and percentage spots for possession of the footy.


Maintaining possession of the football around the ground is every teams focus.
Therefore, an ability to handle the football efficiently and consistently is of great importance. In this program we focus on drills to develop ball handling abilities for a greater level of consistency. Kicking technique is also filmed, analysed and critiqued.


As a member of the footysca program you will have a training file created with a collection of training data to ensure that the trajectory of your development is up! Our metrics are specific to the game of aussie rules and consistent with the athletic requirements of the game.

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