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Mindfulness training is crucial in an age of so much stimulation.
In sport it is a necessity to incorporate mindfulness training such a meditation in your daily program as its unlikely that you can perform anywhere near your best if your mind is distracted and clouded with thoughts and worries about your performance.




Aussie rules football is a game of repeated speed so naturally players experience different levels of fatigue throughout the game. Efficiency in running plays a critical role as allows you to maintain your running form and posture despite medium to high levels of fatigue.
Running efficiency ensures that you will maintain a level of quality around the ground in your movement irrespective of fatigue levels.




Coordination is the ability to repeatedly execute a sequence of movements smoothly and accurately. Running with a football and executing requires the ability to coordinate our limbs to achieve a successful outcome. This is an important area to develop from as young as possible to ensure an efficient foundation in movement has been developed.




Providing young players with game knowledge ensures a greater level of confidence.
I utilise a part of our sessions to talk through realistic game scenario’s and provide an understanding on the basics of positioning around the ground, reading the play and percentage spots for possession of the footy.




Maintaining possession of the football around the ground is every teams focus.
Therefore, an ability to handle the football efficiently and consistently is of great importance. In this program we focus on drills to develop ball handling abilities for a greater level of consistency. Kicking technique is also filmed, analysed and critiqued.


Player Analytics


As a member of the footysca program you will have a training file created with a collection of training data to ensure that the trajectory of your development is up!
Our metrics are specific to the game of aussie rules and consistent with the athletic requirements of the game.