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Our journey began last year around late August when Christian decided that he wanted to pursue and develop his skills in football.

Right away from the first session, Christian felt comfortable and in great hands. We trained almost every week and the development that Christian noticed was amazing. Right away his confidence grew and skills have grown immensely.

Christian looks forward and enjoys training with Ange every week cause Ange is an amazing coach, mentor and friend. He teaches proper skill development, has patience and caters for every skill level. Christian can’t wait and for his next personal individual training session with Ange.

We can’t thank him enough as Christian believes he has gained and great mentor as a coach and a friend for life. Who knows maybe one day he might fulfil his goal and make it on the big stage following Ange’s footsteps.

Christain and family


My boys were coached by Ange over a couple of years and I was impressed with his natural way of relating to the boys and making them feel comfortable.

I felt that his coaching had the right balance of encouragement and constructive direction. I was impressed with the information he provided post sessions with his coaching critiques using innovative visual and audio feedback directly to my mobile. There were also monthly analytics data provided on my son’s training which gave me the information to see if there were improvement and areas they had to work harder in.

This impressed me immensely as I had the information which keeps the coach accountable and why this was such great value. I found Ange to be a very good role model for my boys and highly value his coaching.

Mike Ellings

It would be an honour…here we go:-

My two boys started with Ange seven months ago and not only has Ange taught them unbelievable football skills but he has also given them so much confidence.

My youngest whom always doubted himself and had no confidence due to bullying issues and my eldest son who suffers from Anxiety has done an entire 360 degree turn.

Ange is a great mentor and my boys look up to him…he has changed my boys lives. They wish their week would hurry up so they can train with Ange on a Saturday.

I can’t thank Ange enough for what he has done for my boys and my family.

Emma White

What we like about Ange

“What we like about Ange is that he knows how to motivate Jack, he makes every session challenging and rewarding. Ange imparts his knowledge and skill to ensure technique is correct, which Jack loves. Ange has a genuine interest in Jack achieving his goals. Jack leaves each session feeling more confident in his abilities”.

~ Eve